February 21 1969

A year after using the fogger on a protest held in solidarity with the Chicago Protest, police in Berkeley again deployed a fogger to clear demonstrators including striking students from outside a University Regents and Sproul Hall plaza on the University of California campus.

B/W newspaper clipping. Four people walking towards camera wearing helmets with face shields. Person on the left wearing white shirt and tie has several items hanging from belt. In right hand carrying radio with extended antenna. On right side person dressed in all black standing with a wide stance and holding pepper-fogger at hip height in right hand aimed forward. In center two more people dressed in all black, one with a short stick or club in left hand. Background is mostly cloudy with someone behind white shirt person, holding some sort of stick aloft.  Glimpses of additional bodies are visible in the cloudy background.

Figure 25: Police use a pepper fogger and other chemical weapons to clear a University plaza (Associated Press 1969n).

This deployment was covered in papers across the country including the Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California) (Associated Press 1969k), The Jackson Sun (Jackson, Tennessee) (Associated Press 1969g), The Daily Tribune (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin) (Associated Press 1969f), The Sumter Daily Item (Sumter, South Carolina) (Associated Press 1969h), The New Mexican (Santa Fe, New Mexico) (Associated Press 1969i), Janesville Daily Gazette (Janesville, Wisconsin) (Associated Press 1969l), and Messenger-Inquirer (Owensboro, Kentucky) (Associated Press 1969m).

B/W newspaper clipping. Rather difficult to make out the people differentially in the background, but there's a large group of folks standing in the back part of the photo, the mid ground is relatively empty but filling with a cloud of white smoke eminating from an area on the left that appears to be an officer holding a thermal fogger. Behind everyone is the student union.

Figure 26: Police engulf a University plaza in chemical fog (Associated Press 1969n).

Canadian newspapers detailed the fogger use as well, specifically the Red Deer Advocate Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) (Associated Press 1969j) and The Leader-Post (Regina, Saskatchewan) (Associated Press 1969e).

February 28 1969

The following week, the police in Berkeley were joined by California National Guard troops to attack strikers, and continued to use the pepper fogger (Associated Press 1969a, 1969b).

Guardsmen with bayonetted rifles and sheriff's deputies with tear and and pepper fogger walking through UC campus: B/W newspaper clipping:  Eight people in masks, shields, and tied boots walking from left to right, the one in front wearing a spray fogger strapped on back and holding the hose and nozzle in front. A cloud of fog is spraying from the nozzle. The second person is carrying a bayoneted rifle upright. The others are only partially visible as they are passing behind a tree. On the right ahead of the others an additional helmeted person can be seen turning towards the left. Two slim trees are in the foreground.

Figure 27: National guardsmen and police fog UC Berkeley (Associated Press 1969o).

Four people walking away from camera, wearing helmets and holsters. Lead person has a fogger on their back and is holding the hose on the right spraying a fog ahead of them. Person on the right is carrying a bayoneted rifle raised above the left shoulder. The four are walking into the fog they’ve produced. There are some small trees to the right.

Figure 28: View from behind of the police using a pepper fogger on striking students (Associated Press 1969p).

May 15 1969

Alameda County sheriffs deployed a pepper fogger on UC Berkeley’s campus again during the “People’s Park Riots” of 1969 (Los Angeles Times 1969; Hayes 1970).

The riot apparently started when the university tried to prevent individuals living on the street from a volunteer-run park they built on a lot owned by the school (United Press International 1970).